Our Services

Selection & Supervision
of Contractors

We carefully recruit and oversee the work of contractors. UPM does not impose the use of particular contractors and will be responsible for monitoring the work of any contractors selected by the client.

In-Unit Service to Homeowners
We will advise homeowners who ask for assistance in selecting contractors for repairs which are their responsibility under the condominium documents. Our relationship with all contractors is professional and appropriate.

Attending Meetings
An UPM representative will attend all meetings of the board of directors in order to both handle any transition related issues and to become familiar with your community.

  Experienced Financial and Property Management Services - East Haven, CT
Whether the issue is physical or financial, it is our job to prepare and present the information necessary for the board to make good decisions. At the board’s request, we can formulate long-range capital reserve plans or recommend modification to existing plans.

Financial Management and Reporting
Considerable effort is placed in assisting communities in the development of annual budgets. Equally as important is assessing the monthly management/analysis of those budgets when compared to actual operating results.

UPM provides clear and correct financial reports and can explain as well as recommend financial courses of action from collections to reserve funding schedules. We provide financial statements including month–to-month and year-to-date balance sheets and income statements with comparisons made to established budgeted levels, along with a summary of key financial indicators, and other data important to our condominium associations.

UPM is continually investing in software, data processing and communication technology to improve services and to remain ahead of the competition.

  • Computerized Monthly Client Financial Reports
    UPM will generate monthly client financial reports and budgets displayed in an easy to understand format.

  • Manage Day to Day Book Keeping
    We can manage day to day bookkeeping functions on behalf of client communities including: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger
Client Communications
The UPM Website will allow unit owners to access their account information through a secure connection. Board members can access important information such as the association’s financials. Owners can access personal data, make payments and provide updates to UPM via the site.